Using IEC61499 to achieve Smart Grid Automation through Interconnected Distribution Reclosers



Industrial automation has been around for many years, in the realm of fast local connections controlled within a small network. IEC61131-3 has been extensively used for logic implementation in PLC, but it is the advent of IEC61499 and event based logic processing that we have seen a proliferation in usage of IP based distributed control.

With the growing capabilities of IP based communications for pole top switchgear within utilities it seems a natural progression to allow for distributed logic to be executed across a distribution network as a whole, using the current communications medium and framework as the transporter and a VPN for security. This paper explores the new capability of using IEC61499’s logic design in pole mounted reclosers to create customised distribution automation and smart grid capabilities without the need for master station control. By sharing the hardware requirements across an entire network of recloser controllers, it is possible to create elegant and responsive algorithms to improve network reliability.

Access to IEC61499 application design and implementation allows for improved integration in IEC61850 schemes for recloser control. IEC61499 offers expanded portable configuration options with information links through definable Dynamic Data Type objects available for access by both protocols in a centralised database within a controller. This paper outlines the capabilities and future applications of IEC61499 in the world of pole mounted reclosers. As Australian utilities look for the best return in their capital equipment, this new implementation allows for the optimisation of switchgear for maximum return and value for distribution network operators.

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